Payment methods

Step 1: After ordering the order successfully, Customer will receive our order confirmation information via email. Information about order codes will be available in the email. Customers who need to keep it can compare it when necessary.

Step 2: Our customer care staff will contact the customer by phone (1st time) to confirm the order information, address and delivery time and payment method.

Step 3: Delivery staff will contact Customer by phone (2nd time) to schedule time before delivery.

Step 4: At the receiving place, the customer checks the order and product again before signing to confirm the Delivery Note.

When receiving goods, customers should pay attention to implementation:

- Open packages and compare goods with delivery notes

- Hold the product to check whether the product is correct for the Customer ordered

- Check whether the packaging and products are damaged due to shipping process

If you are not satisfied with 1 of the 3 above, the Customer may ask the Delivery Officer to confirm and return the item. will not be responsible for resolving Customer's complaints after the Customer has signed receipt and payment.

If customers choose the form of "Direct payment on delivery", they can pay directly to the delivery staff immediately after receiving the goods.

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