A. Instructions for purchasing

1. Buy online: there are 2 ways

- Method 1: Access to website: https://HealthyGold.net

Step 1: In the PRODUCT LIST you select a product category to search. Example: Weight loss, health, beauty ...

Step 2: After selecting the product, you search for the product you want to buy and click on the product.

Step 3: To make a purchase, click on the BUY icon (right corner of the product) to put it into the cart. Click CONTINUE SHOPPING if you want to buy another product and then click UPDATE YOUR CART. And click PAYMENT.

Step 4: Fill in the information on the BUYER and RECEIPT then click CONTINUE to complete the online purchase.

The system will automatically save and transfer to the delivery department. Https://HealthyGold.net staff will contact the customer to confirm the order and deliver the goods to the confirmation address.

- Method 2: Access to the website: https://HealthyGold.net

On search engine of   https://HealthyGold.net type the name of the product you want to buy, then click on SEARCH. And do the same way 1.

* If you use the form of bank transfer, after the transfer is completed, you return to the CONTACT section above the right corner of the screen to send a notification to https://HealthyGold.net or chat nick support.

B. Consult buying

- You order and pay as above instruction. After receiving the order and payment https://HealthyGold.net will contact the customer to confirm the order has been paid and deliver the goods.

- Delivery time: from 3 to 10 days after receiving payment (except Saturday, Sunday, holidays and force majeure events due to weather or natural disasters)

Regulations for exchanging and returning goods

- Time to exchange, pay within 7 days after receiving the goods

- How to change the payment: Please call, email the product to be exchanged and returned.

Note: You should check the product as soon as the center staff deliver goods to your home.

- Cases to be repaid:

+ Error from the supplier of the product or delivery side error such as: Product is not as described when ordering (color, weight, style ...), the product is dirty, scratched.

+ The product has been removed before, dented and distorted.

+ The product is broken or has strange and suspicious phenomena

+ Products expired

With the above cases, customers have the right to exchange products with value greater than or equal to the value of products previously purchased.

The returned product must be stamped, unused, washed, not scratched or dirty.

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